How to make a height adjustable dog agility wooden hurdle

DIY height adjustable Wooden Hurdle for dogs agility. It is also removable in sections

If you are looking for how to make a dog agility wooden hurdle that you can adjust in height, here you have all the articles and videos corresponding to this one, designed to train the jumps of a German Shepherd. The side supports have grooves made with strips into which the tongue-and-groove boards slide. So, the boards can be placed or taken away to leave the desired jumping height. And it can also be placed in the garden for decoration, with some plants hanging or as a separation where you need it.

As you can see, we need quite thick wooden strips, because if we want to make a wooden hurdle that withstands blows as this one will, it will be necessary that it is very resistant and somewhat heavy.

Miter cut at 30 and 60 degrees.

Odd way to make 30 and 60 degree cuts in wood

I have been struggling for several days with a project of a height adjustable wooden hurdle for dogs agility, to ...
Wooden fence lateral supports.

I make the lateral supports for the wooden fence

En esta entrada voy a realizar la unión del poste vertical a la base para obtener la T invertida de ...
Wooden fence side supports.

Using bolts to join the fence parts and finishing it.

Once I have finished making the side supports of the wooden fence, I can now use some bolts to join ...
Fixing and adjusting a wooden fence.

Adjusting the groove of the wooden fence and the boards length

When I made this height adjustable wooden fence for the dog jumps I wanted to adjust too much the measurements ...

In terms of fabrication, the most complicated part was making the angled reinforcements at the bottom of the lateral supports of the hurdle. It would have been easier to make them at 45° and cut them on the miter saw, but that would make the feet of the supports too long.

Well, and another challenge in making this wooden hurdle was that not only is it height adjustable, but it is also a fence that is removable in sections so that it is easy to transport and the wooden pieces are easier to store.

Making a wooden hurdle for dogs agility like this is not an overly complicated project, as there is no need to make complicated wood joints. But I still had to think up and do some work to make the reinforcement joints, and also to correct some manufacturing errors.

Also, since a wood hurdle for dog agility will be a lot of time outdoors exposed to the elements, the wood glue is specific for exterior. And I also decided to put some effort when it came to protecting the wood with protective stain.

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