How to make a tower of flower pots

DIY tower of pots with flower plants

I wanted an easy way to attach pots to a post and this is a really simple way. The wires around the post are well secured, although I suppose it would not hurt to check them every year at this time because although the wood of this post is treated, it will surely be damaged little by little. In addition the system to join the pot to the head of the post does not allow me to remove the pot without emptying it before and if it takes a blow it will surely break the pot by the base, it will be a question of being careful with it.

I seem to remember telling you last year that I would do something before summer with the treated wood post, planters and wire I had purchased. I’m only a year late, but I finally made this potting tower.

Make the hoops to hang the pots.

As you can see in the video, you just have to make some wire rings with the diameter of the pot. We bend the ends of the rings to be able to put them in two holes that we drill in the post at 2 millimeters from each other. Drill a pilot hole between the two wire ends and insert a 3 mm thick screw. The screw will make some notches in the wire and in this way we get that the ring is securely attached to the wooden post.

All that remains is to wait for the plants to grow a little more and fill with flowers. But you can see that it is an easy garden project that gives very good results to give more volume to flower plants.

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