How to make a collector's display case for figures.

DIY wall display case of wood for collectives

This small collectives display case to hang on the wall, made of wood, is a good piece of furniture to practice with some of the jigs and guides I make for the DIY woodworking tools that you can find in this woodworking and DIY blog. Below are all the articles on how to make a small wall hanging display case that is perfect for collectibles and figures, with a short summary of the tasks performed in each part. In these articles you can find from how to make the structure of the collectives display case and the door, through how to put the top wooden molding and how to install the glass panels. We are also going to see how to make a DIY barrister bookcase door that slides into the display case when it is opened and so we will have a better look of the collectibles or the figures. And for which we do not need to buy hinges. I make a DIY system to make the door slide into the display cabinet.

How to install glazing using wooden glazing beads.

How to put glass glazing beads made of wood

When it comes to installing the glass panes on the sides and on the door of the wall display case, one option is to use ...
How to install the display case panel.

Routing back panel rabbet and making the glazing beads

Cutting the rabbet for the back panel using the router table would be very simple, but I keep trying not to use it for the ...
Retractable door for showcase.

Retractable door like barrister bookcase doors without hinges

After seeing how to manufacture the parts of this piece of furniture, it is time to install an opening system for the door, and as ...
Glue and reinforce the joints.

Makeshift jig to reinforce miter joints with splines

After the failure of trying to reinforce the mitered joints of the showcase door with tubing, I thought of cutting some slots in the corners ...
How to make a showcase door.

Making the door for the small wall display case for collectibles

La fabricación de esta pequeña vitrina para la colección de caballeros de plomo va avanzando poco a poco. Es el momento de fabricar la puerta, ...

9.- How to paint and assemble the wall collectives display case: Coming soon, or so I hope.

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