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Drawer dividers for sorting of small parts

Making wooden dividers to keep small things separate in drawers, or filling them with yogurt cups to sort screws or other small workshop parts may seem like a simple task, but getting all those joints tight and aligned without first planning the right plan of attack will be impossible.

Matthias uses his set of dado blades to cut the width of the slots in one pass, but if we have a table saw sled on our table saw, since the slots are not very wide we can cut them in several passes. The trick here is to cut slots that are in the same position all at the same time.

You can see the process very well in the video, joining the slats with painter’s tape so they don’t move while you cut them all together. What is achieved in this way is that even if an error is made, this will always be to one side or the other in all the slats and therefore when fitting the slat that goes into the slots of that position, that slat will find the slots perfectly aligned and will not need to curve to adapt to the cutting errors (since if there are errors they are all on the same side and are exactly of the same magnitude).

You will find the link to the English article on these sorting dividers made by Woodgears in the woodworking projects tab of this blog, and there go to woodgears translations (number 27).

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