Turntable made of pallet wood. Enredandonogaraxe.club

Turntable with wheels for painting. Easy to make.

I have recently been practicing with the spray gun and I am amazed at the good results that can be obtained. At the moment I don’t have the hang of it, but I think that with a little more practice I will banish the brush to small jobs. With the spray gun, much less time is needed and the finish is much better. Painting a piece of furniture with a brush is a boring and sometimes difficult job for me. I know I’m supposed to love DIY, but I confess that what I love most is working with wood. So I thought a turntable would be a great help when painting my homemade woodworking projects.

To paint with the spray gun you have to move around the furniture a bit or else move the furniture, so I think this platform that I can easily turn with my foot will help me paint without having to run around the furniture and trip over the compressor tube. The best part is that this rotating base is very easy to make.

Turntable for painting

To make this turntable we need some boards (in my case I’m going to make this project with pallet wood that I got after dismantling a pallet), some nails, a piece of pipe and some casters. I make it square, so I measure the total width of six boards together and that is the measurement of the length to which I cut the boards.

Sanding them a little, giving them a protector, stain and varnish, is a good way to make wooden slabs for the garden or terrace.

It is almost better not to paint it. This rotating base will get more and more color each time you use it.

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