Garden hose holder

Making a garden hose holder, part 1: the support

I always thought that a hose holder to hang the garden hose was something that would be more decorative than useful, since surely after watering the garden the hose would end up lying on the ground next to the garden faucet. But after a couple of summer months watering quite often the plants of the garden, I am still surprised to see every day the hose rolled up on its holder. You can tell I’m not the one who usually waters the garden plants, I have to admit it.

In this project, rather than making the hose holder itself, what I make is a bracket that goes attached to the top of a wood post. This bracket will be part of the structure that will hold a planter and a metallic garden hose support. A simple treated wood post with a simple board nailed to the top would seem a bit bland, so I made a kind of wooden planter that is attached to the top of the post. For this I measured the diameter of the wooden post, and used some wood strips to make a simple structure that fits around the top end of the post. Then I used that structure to make the shape of the wooden planter around it.

I also made the support structure taking into account both the dimensions of the hose holder and the plastic planter that goes inside the wooden planter. And in order to fit the plastic planter inside the wooden planter, and also to make it wide enough to screw the garden hose support, I had to join two boards together with dowels to get a pair of boards with the right width and height.

Support structure made of wood strips

I made the supporting structure a little shorter than the boards, because I have to leave room for the wooden side covers.

Check the width of the planter

And the width is slightly wider than the width of the plastic planter, so that the plastic planter fits inside without problems. This way I won’t have any problems to put the plants in this garden hose holder.

Mira la segunda parte donde fabrico la jardinera de madera para atornillar el portamanguera.

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