Make small benchtop jointer.

How to make a jointer with the electric hand planer

If you follow my blog you will know that I don’t like the electric hand planer. I don’t find it safe at all and it is not easy to plane the slats with it. It is very difficult to leave the surface flat and it also takes a lot of practice to avoid eating too much at the beginning of the ribbon, leaving a fairly typical small rabbet.

Since some of you were asking me how to attach the electric wood planer to the table, I decided to try to see what I could do. The truth is that it was not very complicated to attach the electric planer to a board, and the result of planing with it using it as a benchtop jointer I have to admit that it is fantastic.

Cutting blades of the table planer.

In addition, this wood planer is quite easy to use (always keep your fingers and clothes away from the blades). This little machine is not going to give us warnings or second chances). It is often said that from love to hate is a step, but this time it will be an afternoon’s work from hate to love. I thought I had gained a good tool for the workshop, but in reality it is two good tools, because as I will explain in another video, in addition to using it as a table planer it can also be used as a thicknessing planer.

Drilling a hole in the board so that the blades and sheet metal are in contact with the board and adjusting the height of a wooden block to put under the handle to leave the electric planer at exactly 90 degrees is easier than it may seem. The only thing is that you have to be careful not to overdo it. The best option is to cut the hole in the board and the wooden block very gradually, checking the position of the planer as often as necessary. It is not really necessary to carve in the wooden block the shape of the handle as shown in the video, with getting it lowered so that the handle is at the exact height would be enough to adjust this wood planer.

As you will see in the video the trigger remains activated, so it is very important to use it with a safety switch. I use one that I already have in this table that you can see here.

En el próximo vídeo veremos como hacer unos empujadores para usarlo con más seguridad y veremos también como usarlo como regruesadora para madera. Mientras, al principio de esta entrada os dejo el vídeo de como unirlo al tablero.

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