Mesa fresadora casera con sistema de elevación

How to make a router table

The day I discovered the plunge router, soon I knew it was a woodworking power tool that would take my projects to the next level. And then I discovered the router table. And now I can not imagine my small shop without them.

Here you can watch how I made my homemade router tables. From the table structure, to how to attach the plunge router to the table top, how to make the router table fence, and even how to make the router lift.

Maybe it is not as precise as a brand new router table, but I am very happy with how my DIY router tables works and the results I get when I use them.

Often, the main problem is that the router bit doesn’t reach the height of cut we need, but we can buy a router collect extension.

A router table makes a lot of sawdust, so it is important to have some kind of dust collector. We can make a nice box in the back of the fence to attach the vacuum cleaner hose.

Inserto de la mesa fresadora.

Do it yourself router table

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Sistema de elevación para mesa fresadora.

Do it yourself router lift

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Guía lateral sierra de mesa y fresadora.

Router table and table saw fence system

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Estructura de mesa.

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Hacer una guía lateral para mesa fresadora

Router table fence improvement

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Also, you can find in my woodworking YouTube channel a very simple and easy to make router table. Here I use a car jack to make a simple router lift. And also you can watch how to make a swiveling fence that is very easy to make and to operate.

And the table structure is just a night table that I found in the garbage. The main problem is that it is not very heavy, so I had to put some concrete blocks in the bottom shelf for stability. Or we can screw it to the floor or against he wall.

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