How to make a wooden ring out of shavings

How to make a wooden ring out of shavings

In this article Lluis shows us how to make a wooden ring of shavings.

To make a wooden ring out of wooden shavings the first is to use the block plane to get the shavings from a thin strip of oak. Then apply masking tape into a dowel with your desired diameter (in this case 16mm). To facilitate the next step, I recommend to roll out the shavings.

How to make a wooden ring out of shavings

Now use cyanoacrylate glue to bond the shavings together into the dowel. It´s crucial get a tight bond between the layers, so take your time for better results. Then I apply cyanoacrylate in both sides of the ring and let it dry.

Cut the inside of the ring with a marquetry saw

It's really hard to pull out the ring, so I cut a segment of the dowel and remove almost the whole dowel with the scroll saw (just my way). Now it´s pulled out really easy.

Then, a little rough sanding to speed up the shaping process, and continue with final shaping with 500 grit. Apply 2 or 3 coats of cyanoacrylate, with light sanding between coats.

When the glue dries the cyanoacrylate leaves an opaque layer. So we need to buff out the cyanoacrylate. I use a piece of leather and some patience. And this way we get a strong, durable and shiny finish.

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