Side guide table saw and milling machine.

Router table and table saw fence system

Now that I have my router table and my table saw, I only needed the lateral guide in both to work comfortably. Now I almost do look like a real carpenter with a router and everything. And it is that adjusting a ribbon and holding it with sergeants is not comfortable or precise. Since I have both tools on the same table I thought it might be a good idea to make a double guide that slides on the table instead of making a side guide for each tool.

To make this side guide I used a pre-cut MDF board the same measurements as the plywood boards I used for the table top. I did not use plywood because where I buy them they are taking a long time to arrive. I didn't want to wait any longer and used the MDF one. It's a little thicker but I don't care. What if I do not care is that it is 1 millimeter longer and that gave me a problem as you can see in the video.

Sergeants to glue the lateral guide.

To make the sliding fence I used some drawer slides (those that slide thanks to small metallic balls). I thought they were going to keep the movement perfectly parallel, but it turned out that they had a little play that I solved with some lateral shims that make the fence fit perfectly against the edges of the tabletop.

Metal guides.

With this double fence I can easily adjust the cutting width in my table saw, and I can also easily adjust the distance to the router bit in the router table, I can clamp stops to the fence so that the wood does not move up or to the sides while I work, the dust collection system of the router table works very effectively, and if you watch this video you will find that I have increased the possibilities of my router table. I think I will be able to route grooves in any workpiece and in any position.

Hollow for the box of the lateral guide.

Recommendation : On the side of the router table machine, where I put the vertical zero clearance insert, do not put an insert as thin as the one I used. Sometimes it gives me problems when routing the end of the wooden strips, since the router bit pulls the strip towards the insert and it gives way a little under pressure, spoiling the routing. A smaller hole behind the insert and a half inch insert would work better.

Update : After some time I finally decided to improve the lateral fence with a new fence improvement to solve the problem when routing at the head of the wooden strips.

As soon as the plywood arrives I will complete the tabletop, which if you look at it I still have it without completely covering. Well, if you follow my channel you will already know that I have completed my table saw combined carpentry homemade 🙂

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10 comments on "Double sliding lateral guide for milling table and table saw"

    1. Thanks. I don't know if it saves a lot of space, since I think it is a bit large, but it does have a lot of space to put the tools that we are using in each job on top. I hope I don't end up with a mountain of things on top of her ... I know myself: S.

  1. Hello Sergio:

    Greetings from Puerto Rico, forgive my little experience, but will you have a plan of this construction and of the router mechanism that you can provide me? These ideas of yours are great and for hobby they are very good.

    I congratulate you and thank you very much

    1. Hello and thanks for the comment and congratulations.
      This double guide does not have much science, the only thing that you should take into account is that it is just as long as it is wide is your table. Regarding the mechanism of the router, keep in mind that the shape that is given to the plywood that surrounds it depends on the router that each one has and the two sleeves of the cable must be of equal length. That is the only complicated part, the rest I did by eye. Anyway I will try to make the plans next week and I will put a link for download. Regards

  2. Hello
    Francisco here from Seville.

    The table saw projects and the guide are very interesting!

    I would like to undertake the project of doing something similar. I have an old universal woodworking machine that I inherited from my father, but it has a very small table and is not suitable for cutting boards. In addition, the cutting guide is not very practical to say and it takes a lot of time to adjust a precision cut.

    I wonder if you could hang plans or sketches in the style of those found in woodgears.
    It would greatly facilitate the work

    Without further ado, greetings from Seville!

    1. Hello Francisco:
      The intention is to make some plans of the projects that I am carrying out, but sometimes due to lack of time and other times due to laziness as we are. I try to explain as much as I can so I don't have to depend on plans, but I think I'll have to get on with them since many of you ask for them. I don't promise you anything, but I'll try to be less lazy.

  3. Hi Sergio, I would like to know if you can publish the measurements of boards, various distances, etc. Thank you very much from Chile

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hello Julio. Unfortunately doing the projects for the videos and editing them, answering comments and all the blog work does not leave me much time to make many plans. Anyway, you can surely adapt the idea to your needs. a greeting

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