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New woodworking and DIY blog

Well, after so long wanting to change the blog, finally here is the new website of this blog of carpentry and DIY. With this new format, the blog is better adapted to all computer, mobile and tablet screens. And I also think that the entries are easier to find and better ordered by categories in the tab Woodworking projects.

Thus, in that tab you will find the links to the main topics of this blog:

All the homemade woodworking machines that you can find in this blog of carpentry and DIY of the wood in ...
List of projects
How to make homemade carpentry guides that allow us to make our projects easier in our home workshop ...
List of projects
If we spend the money buying our DIY wood tools, what we want from them is that ...
List of projects
Projects with pallets ✅. Woodworking and DIY projects, ideas with pallets and furniture with wooden pallets. Also projects ...
List of projects
All my wood carpentry videos in Spanish ordered by subject. And also some DIY. They are all ...
List of projects
If you want to get very good results when you cut your pieces of wood and you can afford it, I recommend that ...
List of projects
One of the machines that can be used the most in the home carpentry workshop is ...
List of projects
Most of us who like DIY and carpentry usually buy a chainsaw ...
List of projects
Projects to improve the home carpentry workshop. Projects to get more out of the home carpentry workshop ...
List of projects
How to make wood furniture and other woodworking projects using my homemade woodworking tricks and machines ...
List of projects
Sometimes you ask me why carpentry tools to buy and from which hardware store did I buy mine. So in ...
List of projects

The categories of tools (the jigsaw, the circular saw, the milling machine, the screwdriver ...) they still don't have many entries, but they are topics that we all tend to find interesting, so I decided to put them there so that they would be easy to find.

In the same tab you can also find the links to how I made my homemade table saw and my homemade milling table. And at the end of all the links to the translations.

In that tab of carpentry projects you can also find a link to fan projects, and my intention is to prepare this blog so that whoever you want can upload photos of your projects. Although that's still going to take a while.

There is also another tab with posts about DIY projects. These currently appear all together, and I will see later if it is necessary to separate them by categories or themes.

In addition there is a tab that says store. At the moment there is nothing, but my intention is to put an online store there. What I do not know yet is when I can put it to work.

And the mobile version of this carpentry blog I think is also easier to use. At the top you have the menu always visible, so that if you click on the menu you have direct access to the categories.

I hope you like this new design. It will be useful to me especially to maintain an order in the blog, and I hope that helps me to be more consistent when writing new posts.

Thank you all for following this blog 🙂

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11 comments on "New blog of carpentry and DIY"

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Thank you very much Diego. It's been a long time since I wanted to change it and put it a little in order 😀

  1. Josué javel hernandez Garcia

    There should be an inscription so that when you upload videos they will reach us by email.

    Good ideas, congratulations for supporting us in our hobby and crazy about carpentry.

    Greetings from Mexico

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      If you're right. But I still fight with the blog settings. Let's see if after the parties I get serious and leave everything as I want 😀 Greetings from Galicia, Spain

  2. Oscar Alberto Spagnoletti

    Hello Friend, Thank you for everything you teach us on your blog, and for the good of your explanations, I wanted to wish you and wish all the followers, a MERRY CHRISTMAS ... !!! and that the successes of your blog follow with many videos. A Hug and MERRY CHRISTMAS ... !!!

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hello Oscar. Thank you very much: D. Explaining the projects that I do to the best of my ability takes a long time, but you always value it a lot and encourages me to continue doing them the same way 😀 Greetings and happy holidays 😀

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