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New woodworking and do-it-yourself blog

Well, after so much time wanting to make some change in the blog, finally here is the new website of this woodworking and diy blog. With this new format the blog is better adapted to all computer, mobile and tablet screens. And I also think the posts are easier to find and better sorted by category in Woodworking Projects (you can find that page in the top menu of this blog).

Thus, in that tab you will find the links to the main topics of this blog:

All my woodworking videos in English sorted by categories. And also some videos with do-it-yourself projects. These are all videos ...
Lista de proyectos

The tool categories (the jig saw, the circular saw, the milling machine, the screwdriver drill …) don’t have many entries yet, but they are topics that we all tend to find interesting, so I decided to put them there so that they would be easy to find.

In the same tab you can also find the links to how I made my homemade table saw and my homemade router table. And at the end of all the links to the translations.

In this woodworking projects tab you can also find a link to followers’ projects, and my intention is to prepare this blog so that those of you who want to, can upload photos of your projects. That’s still going to take me a while, though.

There is also another tab with post on diy projects. These post are all together for the moment, and with time I will decide whether it is necessary to separate them by categories or topics.

There is also a tab that says store. At the moment there is nothing, but my intention is to put an online store there. What I still don’t know is when I will be able to put it to work.

And the mobile version of this woodworking blog I think is also easier to use. At the top you have the menu always visible, so that if you click on the menu you have direct access to the categories.

I hope you like this new design. For me it will be useful especially to keep some order in the blog. And I hope that it will help me to be more consistent when writing new posts about my woodworking and diy projects.

Thank you all for following this blog and my channels in YouTube 🙂

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