Pallets to make a raised platform.

Pallets to make composters

Well, my problems are piling up. At first it was just that the videos took a long time to upload to YouTube. And when I say it took a long time, I’m talking about hours. Then apparently YouTube had some problems with some batteries and it took a while to update the data so we had to be patient (this seems to have been solved already. The battery issue, the videos were still taking a long time to upload). Then the video camera stopped recording sound and worst of all, after two days it stopped recording video. I have a video edited and ready to upload and enough footage to edit another one, but now it turns out that YouTube won’t upload the video. I tried yesterday and today and nothing at all. I sent them a bug report and hope to upload the next video soon. As for the camera I’m crossing my fingers that I can have it fixed soon (and for free as it is still under warranty). If I see that it takes too long I will try to record something with my cell phone, although the image quality will be much worse.

Compost inside the composter made of pallets

Anyway, at least I have something to keep me entertained this week. Yesterday I was left a little present, a shipment of pallets. I still don’t know what I’ll do with so many, although I’m sure I’ll come up with some ideas to do with pallets. But I will use some of them to make a composter, or rather two (and as I am in a hurry to make them I will record it with my cell phone).

They will not be as elaborate as the one in the image but they will fulfill their function, which is the important thing. The one in the picture (800 liters capacity) was made about six years ago. I did not treat the wood so that the compost would not absorb any chemicals, but it is still holding up. It is already starting to break down but I think that with a couple of repairs it will last for another year. If you have an orchard or a garden you have to make one, or buy a plastic one. Compost is the best fertilizer you can put in your garden or orchard. So everything will grow almost as big as this giant pumpkin:).

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