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Preparing a logo

Me he buscado ayuda para preparar un logo para el blog de carpintería y bricolaje y para los vídeos así que estaré unos días haciendo pruebas a ver que tal queda. Este que veis arriba en esta entrada ya os digo que no es el definitivo, pero será algo parecido aunque no ocupará tanto espacio.

I will also change the font. I like this one that I use on the blog, but since it is all caps and not black (it’s more of a dark gray) I don’t think it reads well.

Well, I’ve already changed the font, or almost. This one has practically the same name but can be written with lowercase letters. I also changed the spacing and line spacing (or I changed some of it, but I’m not sure what). I also put the white background to be able to read better. The ideal would have been to play with the transparency of the background, but the blogger template designer does not allow much unless you enter CSS codes (which are valid to overwrite existing styles as explained in the designer). In short, I’m leaving out the background of spots and freckles (I’m a freckle freak) except in the border of the template.The description I also loaded it and left a shorter and more direct sentence. This may end up being part of the header of the blog along with the logo and something else, but for now I’m waiting for this logo to be modified.

And those of you who have previously seen the blog will have noticed that under the entries I have placed those thumbnails that link to other entries. In the blogs that I have visited and that had them I was always tempted to click on them, so as soon as I knew how to put them I could not resist.As for advertising on the blog ….. I think I’m going to experiment with other advertising systems.

Final blog logo of enredandonogaraxe.club

August 3, 2012
I continue with the logo. The final one is going to be this one (thank you Sonia).

What I like the most is that with a few hinges, a piece of sheet metal and a scroll saw (and a little patience) I can make a sign just like it to hang in the workshop.

As header of the blog for the moment is the logo as you see it, but I will put a letter above it explaining what the blog is about.

August 4, 2012

Header carpentry blog

Opinions are accepted… well, no, they are not, in this case I’ll settle for Sonia’s opinion about what I did with her logo.

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