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Repainting the stool

Well, this time I’m happy with the result, very happy indeed, and that is not the plain white as Ikea furniture, but I had to pull some fixes. I didn’t quite know how to fix the paint of this wooden stool, but one thing was for sure, I had to re-sand everything, so I started sanding all the crossbeams focusing on removing the paint drips that had formed (how glad I was to have painted the wooden stool before gluing it. (See how to make this tall wooden stool).

Having to sand the already glued structure would have been much more complicated). For sanding I used the sandpaper that I had used before painting it and that you can see in the entry sanding and painting the stool.

Staining stool seat board

While I was sanding I was thinking about how to avoid those drops that form when the paint runs and that spoil the final result. One of the options I thought of was to varnish over the paint. The varnish is easier to apply and the crossbeams already had the color I wanted, it was only necessary to give a little gloss.

Detail of the stool backrest.

To remove the drops of paint it is sometimes necessary to insist a little with the sandpaper trying not to overdo it so as not to leave the wood naked. The paint drops tend to accumulate in the corners of the slats and there it is very easy to overdo it with the sandpaper and of course, I went overboard on a couple of occasions.

Here I was starting to get a little bit sick of this bar stool. It would be necessary to touch up the bare areas with a little paint, give a smooth sanding again and finally the varnish. Another option was to remove paint from all the corners of all the slats creating a worn effect. A little at random, removing paint in some areas and leaving in others, always trying to leave with paint a couple of centimeters from the head of the crossbar. This was the most comfortable option and the one that allowed me to remove the paint drops with less complications and the one I preferred in the end.

Wax varnish for wood

To make the surface smoother I polished everything a little with 000 steel wool. Some time after writing this post, I started to make my first dabbling with the spray gun and I discovered the good finish that can be achieved by spray painting. But here the only option open to me was to repaint the stool.

Even so, I didn’t feel like painting or varnishing the wooden stool, and I was already thinking of leaving it for another day. And suddenly I remembered the bottle of wax varnish used for parquet. If it holds up to trampling it will hold up well on the stool. It is very easy to sponge and dries in 30 minutes (the only sponge I had on hand was the back of a scouring pad). Within an hour and a half I had three coats of wax varnish applied and dry.

I love the result and although I do not know how long this wax varnish will last on the bar stool, when necessary I will give it more because as I said it is very easy to apply as it is a very watery product that we give with a sponge.

As soon as I edit the video I will upload it. I have also pending to edit the one corresponding to the staining of the seat board (I don’t know what to call it, does anyone know the names of the parts of a stool?). Search this blog for how I made this stool with DIY tools.

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