Clamps and support.

Simple clamp rack for small F clamps

As I said at the end of the post on wooden clamps, I had to make a clamp rack to store or keep in order the metal clamps. When we have two or three we put them anywhere, but when they form a battalion it is better to keep them disciplined and in formation in a sergeant’s rack. This one is very simple to make with a few pieces of ribbon and a marquetry veneer.

I put the sheet metal to protect the wall and to be able to screw this support for clamps, since the wall you see with the sheets of newspaper glued is made with chipboard panels of one centimeter thick screwed on slats that in turn are screwed to the concrete wall. And in between there is a plastic sheet to protect from humidity (this garage is semi-buried and the walls leak humidity). I didn’t want to risk puncturing the plastic with the screws and since the gap between the slats is too wide for the width of the bracket, I cut the screws and put enough of them in to make sure it was firm.

Drawings of the support for metal clamps.

I used some pieces of 3×4 centimeter lath that I had (it is the type of wood lath I use the most and I always have some leftovers) and 5 millimeter veneer. To join everything together, I used white carpenter’s glue, some screws and a pair of 6 mm tubing.

You can’t see it in the video, but in order to screw the bracket to the wall I had to drill the holes for the screws in the chipboard with a fine drill bit (and being very careful not to overdo it and reach the plastic). If you try to drive the screws directly into the chipboard, the chipboard may unravel and the screws will be loose.

It’s not the prettiest sergeant stand in the world, but it is very functional. Everyone can make it up as much as they want.

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