How to cut equal boards

How to cut boards to make them exactly identical

Sometimes, for some of our woodworking projects we need to cut boards to be exactly identical. And even if we have a circular saw and a cutting rip fence that allows us to cut accurately, cutting more than two or three boards quickly and accurately can be complicated and tedious. This is because it is necessary to adjust the fence guide for each cut. But with this simple woodworking trick I can cut boards to make them identical repeatedly. And I only have to adjust the fence guide once.

Para cortar con la sierra circular hace tiempo que me hice una sencilla mesa de corte. Y esta me viene perfecta para este sencillo truco de carpintería.

Put a stop on the front of the plywood board.

In this case I have several pieces of plyqood board that I bought pre-cut at the DIY center, but in several of them I have to cut a strip to make them smaller.

Then, I already drew the cutting line to one of those pieces. I put it on my cutting table and screw a stop on the far side.

Adjust the cutting jig on the cutting line.

Now I put the circular saw guide on top of the board to be cut. And I adjust the edge of the guide on the cut line I made on the board.

Screw on one end of the circular saw cutting guide

And I screw one end of the ▶️ cutting guide (<- see video of how I made this circular saw guide).

Screw on the other end of the circular saw cutting guide

I check that the cutting guide with the circular saw is still tight on the cutting line, and I screw the other end.

Place a stop at one end of the cutting guide.

And finally I put another stop against one end of the circular saw cutting guide. So I have this simple template ready to cut several boards exactly to the same dimensions.

How to change the boards to be cut

So now, to remove the cut board and replace it with another one I only have to loosen the screw that holds the circular saw cutting guide next to the second stop I put. I raise the guide a little, remove the board, insert the new board until it is completely gainst the first stop, and screw the cutting guide back on.

Cutting a board with the circular saw and the cutting guide

This makes it very easy to cut the boards so that they are exactly the same, as I don’t have to adjust the cutting guide continuously. I simply put them in position on this jig and cut them with the circular saw.

Don’t miss the video to see how easy it is to modify the template to cut a longer and larger board.

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