Chest of drawers under bed.

DIY underbed drawers for storage and save space

When we need space at home to store things or clothes, we try to get another closet or look for a shelf. Sometimes we even use trunks, which can be a good decorative element. But if we are short of square meters or do not want to occupy more surface, then we seek to increase the capacity of what we already have occupied, typically taking advantage of the space above the closet and the hollow under the bed. One possibility is to buy a box spring or a folding bed base, although if we already have a bed, the first thing we will probably think of is to put some cardboard boxes underneath. As they will get along badly with the mop, we will forget about them and end up buying ugly plastic drawer units. But why don’t we make ourselves some nice big wooden drawers?

Matthias manufactures in this article large drawer units with wheels, so we will avoid dragging them on the floor marking it, scratching it and making noise. Surely there are many possibilities to put the wheels on it, but here we will see how to install some old skateboard wheels for children inside the drawer, so that they are covered and there is no possibility of them hitting anything or being accessible inside the drawer.

Plans are included, although we will probably need to adjust width, height and depth to our needs. The truth is that since I put the drawers I would avoid leaving gaps under the bed by covering them with the same wood of the front, as false drawers and perhaps close the gap between the front of the drawers and the floor with some brush type weatherstripping placed behind the front, like the one placed on the doors to prevent heat loss. It’s all about optimizing the greatest advantage of these drawer units – never having to sweep the dust under the bed again!

To find the link to the project go to the woodworking projects tab of this blog. And there go to Woodgears translations (No. 21).

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