Apply enamel directly on the rust without prior priming.

Water based paint for direct application on rust.

Almost all paints used to protect against rust in exteriors are usually synthetic, have a strong odor and are not very easy to apply, since the paint tends to pull a lot by the brush and spreading the paint well is difficult. But in this project, in which I’m going to paint some rusty legs of a garden bench, I’m going to use a water based enamel paint to treat and protect against rust.

Clean loose rust with a wire brush.

The water based rust prevention enamel paint that I am going to use is Oxirite Xtrem forged, from Xylazel. In this case in black color and forged finish. And since it is a water based paint that is applied directly on the rust, I don’t have to go through the work of removing the rust completely. I just have to remove the loose rust particles with a wire brush. Then the dust accumulated on the surface is cleaned and this anti-rust enamel paint can be applied.

Before applying this water based paint I have to stir it properly, but without shaking it, because if we shake it small air bubbles are formed in the paint, and when applying the paint these bubbles may appear on the surface. What I am going to do is to move the water based anti-rust paint from the bottom of the can to the top carefully, until the content is homogeneous. And with a brush the product can be applied directly on the metal surfaces, without the need to dilute or apply any prior primer.

Apply anti-rust enamel paint on the rust without prior priming.
Coat all metal with water-based anti rust enamel paint.

As it is a water-based enamel, it is very easy to apply, since the paint does not pull the brush as with traditional enamel paints. In addition, it does not leak. This makes it easy to cover all metallic surfaces well. And after two hours I can already give a second coat. This second coat is striking because it seems to be a different color, but when it dries the color is perfectly homogeneous.

Forging effect of water-based rust prevention enamel
Anti-rust water-based paint for metal in exteriors

On the same day I can apply all the necessary coats of this forge effect enamel, perfect for these outdoor projects. So, it is applied directly on the rust, it is very easy to spread, it does not drip and it does not smell, so it is an anti-rust enamel paint that is very convenient to use. With two or three coats, depending on how much we load the brush, we get the 100 microns necessary for garden projects, such as these bench metallic legs, to be perfectly protected for at least 5 years.
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