Small box with straight loop joints

Making a small walnut box with box joints

We are going to make a small box using a guide to cut straight or finger loop joints with the router table. This is a walnut “caixoncito”. Well, a small walnut box with a lid. To make it I used a piece of walnut wood that I recovered from the woodshed. This one was saved from the bonfire and now I regret not saving more pieces before burning them. At least I still have the oak ones we used to burn in the iron stove at the cottage. What I did was to saw the piece of wood with the table saw to get slats of the same thickness. And then I planed those slats with the homemade thicknesser to leave the faces smooth and of the thickness I wanted. I cut the slats to the desired dimensions and finally used the guide to make straight loop joints with the router table.

The video is a little longer than I intended and that’s because it is at triple speed (after having to re-edit it now it is at normal speed). It has no commentary or subtitles, only music, but I think you can follow the process well.

Actually, I only made this box to see how the technique of cutting finger joints with the milling table works. After learning a couple of things I think I can now write a proper post, so for the explanations about the system you will have to wait for the next video(how to cut joints for boxes). I also discovered a small problem on my milling table that I will fix soon.

The box looks good, at least on the outside, but I admit that the joints look a bit forced and the inside is not as good as the outside looks. I think the most beautiful thing about the box is the wood I used and the fact that I made it from a piece of salvaged firewood. When sawing the slats, I made tangential cuts to the rings of the wood so that the layered grain forms could be seen. This wood has really beautiful grain and color, so sanding and clear varnish is enough to keep you looking at it.

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