Compost barrel and garden

Using a wine barrel as a compost bin

This week I was going to build a stool that I have designed with sketchUp, but I decided to take advantage of the good weather we had here in Vila de Cruces to prepare the garden for planting in spring. The truth is, the only rush I was in was to prepare the ground for the giant pumpkin. It needs a lot of soil, well tilled and with a lot of compost.

Compost in the orchard garden

I have a compost barrel full of compost to pour in the area where I will plant the pumpkin, but I don’t have enough for the soil it will be growing towards. So I spread the grass I had piled up from the end of the summer (practically nothing composted, since I had no room in the barrels I use as composters and I was quite careless about it) and also the shredded remains of last year’s pruning (also poorly composted for not bothering to remove them in the barrel where they were), and in a couple of weeks if the weather permits I will dig again to mix everything well with the soil. I believe that in the three months until the pumpkin plant starts running, all the organic matter will have time to turn into compost mature enough to feed the plant. (Some time after writing this post we saw how to make a composter with pallet wood).

Last year I used Atlantic Giant seeds that I bought in a supermarket and the result was not bad at all for the first time. This year I will try to get quality seeds, which added to a better planting area, a more prepared soil and this year’s experience, will hopefully result in a “somewhat” larger giant pumpkin. I will keep you posted.

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